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TranSync™ lets you securely transmit your sleep therapy data to the cloud. Convenient, free and easy-to-use with Transcend PAP devices. TranSync lets you monitor your progress on CPAP therapy and streamlines data transfer to your physician or homecare provider.* TranSync is free – there are no monthly subscription charges to patients or healthcare providers. With TranSync, you get access to therapy data anywhere, any time, and you can share your data with homecare providers, physicians, or other healthcare providers. Free TranSync desktop software makes uploading data easy.

Download TranSync Desktop Software

CPAP User? It's up to you!

As a CPAP user, you want to control who sees your data. With TranSync, you have control. It’s your choice whether to opt in to the TranSync system, and who you allow to view your data.

If your homecare provider recommends that you join, you will receive an email directly from TranSync asking your approval. You decide if sharing your data through TranSync is right for you. Then, just download the TranSync desktop software and you’re ready to go.

Want to do it alone? Just register for an Individual User Account. You’ll need to download the TranSync desktop software to get started.

Check out these manuals for more information.

Homecare Provider? TranSync saves you time and money.

TranSync makes managing patient sleep apnea therapy data hassle free. Just register for a Homecare Provider Account and you’re ready to start collecting data. With TranSync there’s no monthly service charge and no accessories to buy.

When you dispense a Transcend PAP device, just recommend TranSync to your patient. By opting in, the patient gives you access to a full range of sleep apnea therapy data. It’s that easy. Check out these manuals for more information on getting started.

Physician? Keep up with therapy data with one easy-to-use tool.

Managing patient sleep apnea therapy data is easy with TranSync. Just register for an Authorized Monitoring Account and your referring homecare provider will connect you to data from your patients. Check out these manuals for more information on getting started.

* Requires a TranSync patient user account, which may be set up on the TranSync site by a homecare provider with a Homecare Provider Account, or by the patient using an Individual User Account. Register here.
+ Optional desktop software compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8